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Aluminum T-Slot Frames

When you need to build custom structures like workbenches or carts, you may consider welding steel. We provide you the solutions to create your structures by using aluminum T-slot frames.

We manufacture a wide range of T-slotted aluminum extrusions and required connectors & fasteners to fit all your needs, whether you are looking to build a full structural or modular aluminum framing project or a simple sign. You can simply insert T-nuts and tighten them into the extrusions to build a durable and lightweight aluminum framing system, in aluminum natural anodized finishes or to your custom specifications.

Most of our aluminum T-slot extrusions are standard in metric sizes, our open extruding dies include extrusions of 16 series, 20 series, 25 series, 30 series, 40 series, 45 series, 60 series, 80 series, 90 series and 100 series. Connectors & fasteners include T-nuts, square nuts, T-bolts, connection screws, corner brackets, corner gussets, angle connectors, threaded inserts, connection plates, hinges, profile sliders and end caps. With the components we provide, you can create functional and attractive products like workbenches, tables, sighs, shelves, enclosures, aquarium stands and carts.

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