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Standard Aluminum Extrusions

We carry a large inventory of extrusion tooling for standard aluminum extrusions designed to National, American and European standard specifications, including aluminum angles, flat bars, aluminum round tubes, rectangular tubes, square tubes, aluminum channels and rods. 6063 and 6061 is the most common aluminum alloy for the standard shapes, surface finish can be mill, anodized and powder coated.

Please specify alloy, length, surface finish, quantity and your special requests when you need to order a standard aluminum shape.

The following are some typical standard aluminum extrusions, for more standard extrusion shapes, such as aluminum rods, T profiles and I beams, or if you are looking for an individual aluminum extrusion, please feel free to contact us and request a quote.

Aluminum Round Tubes / Pipes

The round tubes / pipes are most widely used extruded aluminum shapes in many applications.

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Aluminum Channels

Aluminum channels are common materials to be used as framing, brackets and other similar applications.

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Square Tubes / Rectangular Tubes

Aluminum square and rectangular tubes / pipes are used in a variety of industries, such as framing, brackets and base supports.

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Aluminum Flat Bars

Some materials like aluminum flat bars could be cut from aluminum sheets, but extruded bars can be produced to most desired sizes with lower price.

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Aluminum Angles

Aluminum angles are particularly used for architectural purposes with sharps corners inside and outside.

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Know more about Standard Aluminum Extrusion Profiles and Panel Extrusions

Standard Aluminum extrusion profiles include round tubes, rectangular tubes, rods, square tubes, channels, angles, aluminum panel extrusions and even flat bars. Reputed manufacturers of such profiles ensure that these meet up to the America, European and other international level specifications of standards and quality.

The standard aluminum extrusions are made as per standard designs. However, these can also be custom-made. From the engineering aspects, aluminum frames and aluminum panel extrusions are much more flexible than other profiles. It is their versatility and resourcefulness as compared to that of steel that they are commonly used in many applications. From standardized panels to customized panels, structural panels, deck panels, aluminum walls, reliable manufacturers of these profiles can deliver any type and size depending upon the customer requirements. They have relevant engineering and manufacturing capabilities to make prototypes, design and carry out full-scale production of such standard aluminum profiles.

Application of Various Standard Aluminum Panel Extrusions:
  • Deck panels – used in the marine industry especially in the docks of floating boats, the aluminum panels are highly sturdy, are resistant to slippage and even when these panels are hot, they are not hot to touch. These aluminum deck panels will never shrink or shrivel, the chances of catching fire are minimal, are scratch and blemish proof. The maintenance requirement of such panels is almost zero, and they are quite easy to amass and disintegrate.
  • Rooftop panels – are mostly used in industrial and commercial spaces. These are applied in making hotel decks on the rooftops, bridge decks, and even viewing platforms. These structural decks are just ideal for the outdoors because they are corrosion resistant, can be easily waterproofed and when coated with the right component they can provide quite a comfortable base to walk even when heated by the sun. They can also be made for heavy-duty usage and therefore they are quite commonly used for commercial purposes.
  • Solar panels – used as panel frame for the solar power system,  click here to know more details on aluminum solar panel.
Aluminum Extrusions are Eco-friendly Products

Using extruded standard aluminum profiles is environmentally friendly too. These profiles and panels are recyclable – most of the extruded aluminum used in the automotive industry is recovered and recycled every year. This helps save precious energy which is more than a billion gallons of gasoline every year. Also, the metal and the extrusion process impact with a smaller carbon footprint on the environment. A reliable and trusted manufacturer of extruded standard aluminum profiles and panels help design and provide solutions to all types of applications and requirements. Clients need to specify the length, alloy, quantity and the type of surface finish required for best results.

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