Fabrication Capabilities / Manufacturing Services

In addition to extruded aluminum, we are also a one-stop-shop that you can rely on for all of your custom aluminum fabrication needs. We offer extensive and varied range of aluminum processing services for a variety of industries. With the facilities in our aluminum fabrication plants, our experienced team members are skilled at cutting, shearing, sawing, CNC machining, bending, forming, welding, surface finishing, assembling and packing parts.

Custom Aluminum Fabrication Services

Aluminum has a number of advantages when it comes to fabrication. Easier to work with than many other metals, it can be quickly shaped to give the desired configuration. This means it’s possible to create large numbers of aluminum components to tight deadlines for a competitive price. If you have a project for which aluminum will be the most appropriate material, we have the capacity to create aluminum fabrication designs, refine them to your exact requirements, then complete a full production schedule in line with your deadlines.

Contact us today and feel free to request a quote if you are looking for custom aluminum fabrication services on your projects!