Aluminum Extrusions and Custom Fabrication Services

aluminum extrusions facilities

With annual output over 100,000 tons of extruded aluminum, Xinxiang Aluminum owns one of the largest aluminum extrusions manufacturing plants in China. We have 28 extruding lines with extrusion presses ranging from 600 to 5000-tons and several surface treatment lines as well to offer in-house finishing process including polishing, anodizing and powder coating. By using our cutting edge technology to ensure the order’s accuracy, we always provide high-quality aluminum extrusions for a variety of industrial groups in the world.

Besides, our aluminum fabrication plant make us act as a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for all additional machining & fabrication works, allowing us to meet our customers’ varied needs and provide our clients with the custom made aluminum components at very competitive rates.

Range of Featured Products

We specialize in manufacturing aluminum profiles and custom aluminum components to many industrial groups. Our past clients include building & construction, automotive, electronics, agricultural, new energy companies and many other manufacturing companies.

Our extruded aluminum shapes include standard aluminum extrusions such as aluminum round tubes, square tubes, aluminum flat bars, aluminum angles and channels, aluminum window & door profiles, extruded heat sinks, aluminum T-slot frames, motor housings, and custom aluminum extrusions. We also provide custom aluminum fabrication services based on extruded aluminum, after additional machining works and surface finishing processes our aluminum finished products are widely used in applications including furniture, auto spare parts, air conditioners, LED lighting, motor housing, conveyor systems, heat sinks, framing and brackets for solar panels, electrical machinery and equipment, medical equipment, sports equipment.

Aluminum Manufacturing Capabilities

We offer extensive and varied range of aluminum processing services in our aluminum fabrication plant, including precise cutting, CNC machining, bending, pressing and welding fabrication. When it comes to final surface finishing such as aluminum anodizing and powder coat, we can produce high quality aluminum finished products to meet our clients’ specifications thanks to our in-house finishing processes. We truly are a one-stop aluminum extrusion manufacturer for our customers.




Our sales team, technical team, production and QC members average nearly 10 years of experience in aluminum industry is a huge benefit to our clients. We frequently help them design aluminum extrusions and get involved in the early stages of product design, to ensure the right alloy and extrusion design to be used. This always helps to achieve a quality and cost affective product.


Many China aluminum manufacturers only produce extruded aluminum, which makes it difficult to accommodate all the needs of their clients. We provide a full range of additional machining & aluminum fabrication services to our clients, we act as a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for aluminum products.


We believe ‘Quality Comes First’, from aluminum extrusion shapes design, extruding, machining and finishing processes to final assembly & package, we always pay close attention to the quality to ensure our clients receive high-quality products.

Cost Savings

We truly are the extruded aluminum manufacturer to create your products from initial raw aluminum alloy, we even cast aluminum billets which are used to extrude aluminum shapes. Therefore we can offer our clients best price for their projects.

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