Why are Aluminum Extruded Heat Sinks Preferred for Industrial Use?

Aluminum extruded heat sinks

A heat sink is one of the most important constituents of any mechanical system that produces heat during operation. The quality and efficiency of a heat sink installation directly impact the overall functionality of machines or motors. Aluminum heat sinks with extrusions are particularly preferred by many engineering, computing, electrical and cooling industry manufacturers. Compared to copper and several other materials, aluminum alloy offers significant heat energy dissipation benefits.

Aluminum extruded heat sinks are also one of the most popular applications used by various industries today. Take a look at some of the reasons why extruded aluminum heat sink variations are highly preferred today.


Key Reasons Why Aluminum Extruded Heat Sinks are Widely Used.

Lightweight - Heat sinks need to be light in weight in order to fit in seamlessly with mechanical systems. This is one of the reasons why aluminum alloys are preferred by various manufacturers. You will find aluminum ones to be lighter than most other options out there. The lightweight nature of aluminum heat sinks also make them easy to install and carry. They also do not add much load to machine equipment.

Variety of shapes - Aluminum alloy extruded heat sinks are available in various shapes to suit the varying needs of different industries. f Depending on heat absorption and dissipation requirements, manufacturers can prefer either of the three variations. The extrusions of each type are designed in a manner that facilitates highly-efficiency.

Custom solutions - If you are a business owner who requires a custom heat sink design, it is possible to get tailor-made aluminum extruded ones created. Heat sink manufacturers should be approached with one’s specific design requirements. Industrial-grade aluminum alloy ensures consistent functionality at all times, regardless of the shape variations you want. It is possible to get custom extruded heat sinks manufactured in bulk based on one’s requirements. You can easily customize fin length, the number of fins, overall heat sink shape, and more.

Easy to further machining - Aluminum extruded heat sinks usually require additional processing to achieve the right shapes and mounting holes. Nicely, aluminum alloy is a metal material that is easy to machine, which provides a great convenience for many fabricators.

Evidence of practical applications - Some of the most crucial industries today uses aluminum heat sinks today. The material is used for heat dissipation purposes in computers, communications setups, aviation equipment, electricals, lightings, and automobiles. Aluminum extruded heat sink is a reliable option for achieving uninterrupted functionality and freedom from events like malfunctions. Your industrial applications will run better with aluminum alloy heat sinks.

Durable material - Aluminum is widely known as one of the most durable materials and it finds thousands of applications in consumer, industrial and business applications. Due to high durability, there are very low practical chances of them suffering from considerable mechanical impact damage. The only thing more durable than aluminum is aluminum alloy, which has all the same properties, but a lot more pronounced. Being lightweight and highly-durable at the same time makes this alloy the material of choice for numerous use cases.

Natural high conductivity factor - Aluminum alloy is a good conductor of heat and specializes in drawing out heat effectively. This is a reason why this material is a prioritized in case of innumerable industrial applications. With high-quality extruded aluminum heat sinks, timely and adequate heat dissipation is guaranteed. The chances of machine parts reaching dangerously high temperatures are also quite minimal due to the conductivity factor.

Affordability - Affordability of aluminum alloy as a material also reduces the manufacturing costs of extruded heat sinks. So, businesses have to spend less on their heat sink equipment, yet can receive superior heat absorption and dissipation. This is a key reason why many businesses from industrial sectors like LED lighting, electricals, electronics, PCB and circuit boards, and automotive.

Ease of bulk production - Aluminum is one of the most widely available metals today, and quite accessible for industrial usage. Hence, mass production of extruded aluminum heat sinks is a feasible proposition. Whether you prefer bulk quantities of anodized, powder coated or non-anodized heat sink variations, fast and timely production can be achieved by a reputed manufacturer. There are notable aluminum parts manufacturers who supply custom-made extruded heat sinks for a great number of clients globally.

Resistance to damage - Aluminum is highly resistant to most forms of corrosion and does not rust even with considerable exposure to wet and humid environmental conditions. The reason behind this is an existing primary oxide layer on the surface of aluminum, which protects it from any further oxidation. So, the chances of your aluminum extruded heat sink getting rusted and corroded are quite low. Add up the high tensile strength and durability of the material, and you have the best possible choice for your heat dissipation purposes.

Stability of performance - Due to the naturally superior properties of aluminum, heat sinks made from the material ensure flawless performance at all times. Even if the thermal conductivity is lower than that of copper, it is perfectly suited for most industrial use applications. Business owners can be assured of suffering minimal heat-related damage to machine parts. Aluminum alloy heat sinks, in particular, should be opted for along with anodized or powder coating options.

Quality of construction - Most reputed aluminum heat sink producers put great attention to detail with regards to manufacturing of such equipment. The quality of design and construction of extruded aluminum sinks ensure that they work efficiently and perform flawlessly. Of course, this can depend on the manufacturer you choose and what specific methods they use during production. In general, alloy heat sinks are considered to be some of the most well-designed options for industrial use. Business owners who are interested should inquire manufacturers regarding anodized heat sinks, shape options, fin density, and length etc., to determine the best possible variations.

The above-mentioned factors indicate why extruded aluminum heat sinks are some of the most popular types.