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Black Anodized Aluminum

Many aluminum extruders produce clear anodized aluminum extrusions (also known as aluminum silver natural anodized extrusions), but they are not equipped with surface finishing lines for aluminum anodizing in different colors. In our plant, we carry many finishing lines to have the aluminum profiles anodized in some typical colors at long lengths, such as black anodized aluminum, golden anodized aluminum, champagne anodized aluminum and anodizing in stainless steel color.

Aluminum profiles anodized at long lengths are with different features comparing with those aluminum items anodized in small anodic oxidation tanks. The anodizing for a long aluminum profile mainly goes with hard anodizing, natural silver and black anodized aluminum are the most common applications. Aluminum hard anodizing provides a more thicker aluminum oxide layer (coating) on the surface than the standard anodizing in the small tanks. It makes the surface of the extruded aluminum smooth and more wear resistant, furthermore, the anodizing for long aluminum profiles can be very uniform which makes them with good appearance.

Contact us if you are looking for quality aluminum extrusions with different anodized colors.

As a leading manufacturer of extruded aluminum, we have been specializing in developing and producing high quality aluminum extrusions since 2003. In addition, with our in-house fabrication shops for a variety of further machining works, we provides cost effective aluminum components and fabricated products for commercial, residential and industrial projects.

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Specifications on aluminum extrusion profiles

Material: 6000 series aluminum alloy, 6063, 6061, 6005, 6082
Temper: T5, T6
Surface Treatment: mill finish, anodized in natural silver/black/golden/champagne, powder coated, electrophoresis
Press machines: ranging from 600 tons to 5000 tons
Extrusion shapes: up to 650mm in circle size
Wall thickness: 0.8 mm to 30 mm
Weight: 0.15 kg/m to 30 kg/m
Drawing: technical drawings required, our engineering team can also assist in drafting based on the samples or concepts
Standard: GB/T 6892-2006, ANSI H35.2, EN755-2, EN12020-2, JIS H4100
Production capacities: 8,000 tons per month
Packaging: poly bags, cartons, pallets or as required
Typical applications: tubes and pipes, aluminum angles & corners, conduits, aluminum heat sinks, aluminum led strips, solar panel mounting frames, motor housing, aluminum module frames, assembly lines, board framing, aluminum windows & doors, curtain walls, aluminum handrails, aluminum furnitures.

Additional CNC Machining & Fabrication

In our fabrication shops we provide custom aluminum fabrication based on extruded aluminum, including saw cutting, cnc machining, forming, bending, welding, assembly and finishing.

Many aluminum extruders focus on the output of extrusions and don’t invest enough to ensure its plant and equipment can provide their clients with custom aluminum manufacturing services. But with our in-house fabrication abilities, we can build from start to finish to provide our clients with high quality custom aluminum products at competitive rates.

We truly are one-stop solution for customizing aluminum components, you can rely on us to provide all of you needs. Contact us today to request a quote!