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Extruded Aluminum

Extruded Aluminum

Whether for a single-unit prototype or large production runs in aluminum, the product designer sometimes makes the design based on the extruded aluminum, that is because there are many additional fabrication processes that have to be carried out on aluminum extrusions. What is more, the low tooling costs for extruded aluminum and short lead times in production help the designers to move forward rapidly with their aluminum extrusion fabrication projects.

The extruded aluminum fabrication is not just for designing new products but also a very good substitution solution to simplify assembly and save cost for some traditional products. Some electric motor manufacturers have made their production process manufactured from extruded aluminum instead of aluminum castings, this not only increases the strength, gets better finish but also the motor housings with different lengths can be made with same extruded mold to reduce the tooling costs significantly and save product development time.

We own 15 aluminum extrusion lines in our plant ranging from 600 to 2,600 ton extruding presses with the maximum circle size 350 mm for the extrusions. With our extrusion process and manufacturing capacities, we will be able to see your aluminum extrusion fabrication project through to completion according to your precise requirements.

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