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Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication

Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication

Aluminum sheet metal, thin and flat pieces, is also a usual starting material for aluminum fabrication. It can be cut, bent and fabricated into many different shapes that you expect. Aluminum sheet has applications in safety equipment, posts, racks, cabinets and many other applications.

At Xingxiang Aluminum, the metalworking we carry into aluminum sheet metal fabrication would be precision shearing up to 4 meters in gauge 6 aluminum, punching up to 10 mm aluminum sheet, cnc machining, welding and assembling process. We also provide the surface finishing services in-house, anodizing and powder coating if needed.

You can feel free to contact us and request a quote when you have proper products based on aluminum sheet metal fabrication, we will offer our expertise and rich experience in manufacturing to ensure your projects get the most attention.

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